Mikkeller’s Book of Beer

By Per Steinar – 2nd April 2015

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø – a name that will make a lot of beer fans perk up and some of them wet themselves a bit with excitement. As the main man behind Mikkeller he’s built an empire, featuring several bars all over the world, a fantastically successful beer festival and an impressive catalogue of the most [...]

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Brewbarrel – a real trial

By Per Steinar – 12th December 2014

There are so many brew-with-ease solutions out there. We trialled one of them, the Germany based brewbarrel. Could this thing ever produce actual drinkable beer?

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Brewing a Black IPA

By Josh Smith – 5th December 2014

Black IPA as a style is a tough one to fathom. On paper, it seems like an ungodly balance between two things that shouldn’t really mix. Many even argue over what should a true Black IPA be…

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What’s Brewing, Stavanger, Norway 2014

By Per Steinar – 20th November 2014

What’s Brewing is the latest new shiny beer festival to grace us with its presence. This one in the town of Stavanger, Norway. These guys really went for it, with an amazing line-up. We travelled across the sea to check it out.

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Indy Man Beer Con 2014

By Per Steinar – 28th October 2014

Having impressed beer drinkers from near and far in the previous years, the Indy Man Beer Con was out to do it again. And we were thirsty to be there. We took a train up for the early Saturday session to drink, chat and soak it all in.

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Zwanze 2014 at the Kernel Brewery

By Per Steinar – 30th September 2014

Every year Cantillon brews a special lambic beer to be released all over the world, exactly at the same time. It’s become a global event that’s got beer fans hooked. We went along to Kernel to sample this year’s brew.

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Beer and Art: Partizan 100 and Brewdog at the Tate

By Josh Smith – 27th September 2014

Whether it’s food, art or music, beer always adds another dimension of fun when mixed in with other creative mediums. We went along to two very different events that shared art and beer as bedfellows.

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What’s Brewing – Beer Festival Preview

By Per Steinar – 23rd September 2014

We caught up with the guys behind the brand new beer festival held in Stavanger, Norway called What’s Brewing. Bringing breweries such as Mikkeller, Evil Twin and many more

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Lessons learnt at London Craft Beer Festival 2014

By Per Steinar – 8th September 2014

Here’s our round-up of what we learnt at this year’s London Craft Beer Festival. We even brought a camera along to document the occasion.

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Brooklyn Brewery Mash: Beer & Pasta pairing

By Katie Marcus – 1st September 2014

We went along to boutique pasta shop Burro e Salvia in Shoreditch for a night of pasta and beer pairings, put on by Brookyln Brewery as part of their Mash tour.

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